Diet after vacation

by - 9.7.09

When we travel, eating out or more correctly, pigging out is a must! We see to it that we try the dishes a place is known for and I would later on write about them in my food blog. It is of course inevitable to gain weight even for just a few days spent on foreign soil.

This is why when I come back home I resort to different diet plans to remove the excess baggage gained from the trip. I sometimes eat cucumbers and avocadoes only then I'd go straight throughout the day with only fruits like banana, oranges, grapes, pineapple and papaya.

Then I found out there are cookies baked especially for this need, to lose weight! Cookies from the Cookie Doctor are made using 60% organic ingredients, preservative-free and with triple filtered water. These cookies will help you change your eating habits and learn how to eat small multiple meals throughout the day. Unlike other diet plans, these cookies will keep you healthy while helping you lose weight without lacking interest for good food.

What else sets apart the cookie diet from others? Well, for one, it is FDA approved. You do not need to worry about hazards when you decide to go through this diet. Because of selected ingredients you do not only keep a trim waistline but you stay fit and healthy too. Most of all, it saves you a lot for spending on food!

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