by - 9.7.09

Whenever we spend some days in a hotel, I see to it that I enjoy a good and relaxing time in a hot tub. I also relax with hubby at his uncle's place, since they have installed one at where we stay at whenever we come home for a vacation.

There are of course lots of cheap hot tubs in the market and I would love to have one at home...as to where I'm gonna install it, that's the problem. Thank manufacturers, there are now portable tubs (in photo) with the features of its installed counterpart... this particular model has a massage and jet system, easy entry steps and cool down seat, head rest cushions and superior filtration system.

This beauty also has an mp3 ready sound system installed to make you enjoy yourself with good music while relaxing. The system also includes a docking station, amplifier, sub-woofer and four underwater speakers plus waterproof stereo and remote.

Another exciting feature of this tub is the air bubbler which you can use for aromatherapy further adding to relaxation. But what's most important would be the built of the base, it should be totally tough to water, rust, and rodents and that's just what this featured tub is!

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