Phoney - Phones

by - 9.7.09

Funny how too many mobile phones are being manufactured and too many more are manufactured as imitation. Well, they still function anyway. I recently got an iPhone and I really love it especially the video recodring feature. (grin) Back in the Philippines, I looked for iPhone Accessories e.g. Silicon case and other protectors from a known cellphone shop. I was surprised when the attendant asked if I have the original phone. (lol) She then gave me a case that fits the original iPhone and showed me the others that are intended for imitation.

Now, point is you have to make sure that what you buy are guaranteed and wouldn't go kaputt on you in an hour. If you are looking for accessories, there are lots of online shops to visit. They provide services that other shops don't plus policies that benefit the consumer too. Just make sure you read the policies before doing your purchase.

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