A much needed break

by - 30.7.09

My dad was a seaman by profession, because of this he had been to many places that I can only dream of visiting. Back then he would send me photos of his travels and one of his most favorite is Greece. I vividly remember a photo of him during his visit in Acropolis, with the Parthenon in the background...there he wrote of course a bit of history too. He hoped to someday be back and see the city again...

Now that he's gone, I've been wanting to travel to Greece and see it in place of him. This urge was sparked when I saw the newly opened Acropolis museum along with a very informative website about Athens...it happened to book Cheap holiday deals too!

The ULookUBook.com website gives insight to key European cities of Greece, Spain, France and Italy along with great tips on what to do in each of them. I looked up Athens from the list of cities and was I impressed to know that they do have winter fun activities there! Though the website says summer is the best time to enjoy the wonderful resorts and beaches, I wouldn't mind experiencing the winter too as long as I get to see the famous Parthenon! ;-)

A bonus feature in the website includes a brief description of the city nightlife, the shopping scene and of course, FOOD! That which makes hubby and I tick when traveling! A city visit would not be complete without tasting local food!

With all that said, what I like about the website as I always do would be the 'last minute' booking. This flight + hotel and sometimes + ticket deals are very affordable and convenient...with just a click of the mouse, you are sure to fly the next day. Car hiring is another great service offered in the website...I think going to Greece would not remain just a dream!

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  1. WOW he's a seaman pla...i remember your story you once told me....i can feel how much you missed him, i miss my dad too :(

  2. Kapag sea man, daig pa ang mga tourists. :) Marami silang places na napupuntahan!