Hair loss

by - 11.7.09

When we age, losing some if not many of what we used to have lots of is inevitable. I'm talking about hair...Although it is a problem faced more by gentlemen than women. Reason why men spend more on hair transplant than we do.

Hair thinning or hair loss could sometimes give a person low self-esteem. How he appear to others may cause him to be disappointed and depressed. This may also lead to a change of hairstyle that could in turn look more awful that it used to because of the lack of hair to actually a following result, that person might be less attractive to the opposite sex.

There are ways to hide thinning hair, one is by wearing a wig or toupee. It is of course too obvious...many opt nowadays for hair transplants especially because technnology has improved so much and doctors have refined the art of picking out the hair to be used for transplant. You see, before, surgeons transplanted large clumps of follicles leading to unattractive and spotty results, today’s surgical techniques have been refined by doctors by harvesting hair follicles from the hair area that is not affected by hair loss...this yields to a natural and undetectable result in most cases.

If you are considering hair transplant to give you back the confidence you lost, you can always inquire about hair restoration cost in the area nearest you. You need to be aware of the facts before undergoing the procedure to know if you are ready to take all the risks just to bring back the hairline you had when you were 20 years old!

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  1. I will suggest hair restoration for my friend na nakakalbo na :(