Diving and beyond

by - 11.5.09

How amazing would it be to see this crab down ...under the sea than behind the glasses of an aquarium?

Hubby and I are so fond of fishes and anything under the sea (not just as food). Back when there's only the two of us, we had dog-faced puffer fishes and other rare saltwater fishes at home. When we moved and the kids grew up a little we bought a small tank and filled it with cichlids, some years more and we bought a bigger one...it has been 3 years now since we bought a silver arowana.

Following our fondness with underwater creatures, we enjoy snorkelling when possible. We may not see fish rarities from shallow water but it is still enjoyable to see the fishes in their natural environment. Of course, if given the chance, I'd love to go scuba diving too! Living in a country with no nearby ocean to boast of could be difficult in finding those who have the initiative to offer scuba diving lessons around here.

As scuba diving continues to rise in popularity, many an institution or group of enthusiasts have been bringing it to those who want to experience it firsthand. Take Ultimate Dive and Travel for example, they offer scuba diving lessons in Scottsdale, Arizona focused on providing the safest scuba diving program complete with diving equipment and some of the best round trips for everyone.

Joining short-term diving classes such as thise will give you a practical experience in open water and pool, an certification will also be given along with learning emergency first responce and dive control. There would also be rescue and stress management. Scuba diving lessons in Arizona are held using their cutting-edge technology. With names like Scubapro®, Oceanic®, and Atomic, divers are assured to receive the very best equipment at affordable prices! Now, if there something like this in my area...I'd be glad to register!

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  1. It's a cool place to dive in and a place to enjoy with the family. This is outrageous and most exciting experience you will ever have. I really want to try this.