High School Friends

by - 17.5.09

Sentiments over high school graduation is certainly much dramatic compared to grade school or college. This is as true as one of the famous Philippine song goes "high school life - every memory is wonderful." It was when I developed close bonds with friends to whom I am still in contact with.

After high school my best friend and I finished our corresponding degrees in the same university. During which I kept in close touch to a few of my high school friends. We would have get togethers once in a while. It was always fun to hear stories of old days when we were younger and full of dreams and somehow, we looked back on our stupidity too. :D

I got married then and left for Vienna and kept communicating with them, thanks to email and networking websites, which apparently most of us are members of. We get to know the whereabouts of each other and sometimes make fun of the fond memories we had back then. Many of us have our own lives now...either married and with kids, a pair who got married was even a surprise for us! I have been travelling a little, seeing places that I long wanted to see but coming home and spending time chatting with my friends is a very welcome option. Though emails and all that are fine, I would be happy seeing my high school classmates once again. I just hope the time comes that I would be there to attend all our high school reunions. I guess being too far takes its toll at times, that is homesickness.

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  1. Do you go to your alumni homecoming? =) I just did an entry about that. Yeah, there is something about high school, no? =)

  2. I've not spoken to anyone I went to high school with for over 15 years now! It isn't deliberate, I just moved away. Facebook has been an odd experience, as all of the old people with beards and such don't much look like the folk I remember!