Tax and Duty Free shopping

by - 21.5.09

Don't you love shopping at Duty Free (  shops? I do. Even as a child when my dad would bring us there, it would always be a pleasant visit. Now that I get to travel at times, I always see to it that we get to visit Duty Free shops. Not only is it cheaper, the products are bigger than what is sold in the 'street market.'

So how convenient is it now that you can pre-order online all your choices of perfume, gadgets, sunglasses and pick them up upon arrival/departure at the Sydney Airport in New South Wales Australia? It means that if you have a very short pause to your next flight from Sydney, you just pick up your loot and you're good to go. What's more exciting than getting discounts for buying what you love best at the best prices? This is truly shopping at its best!

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