Safe Driving

by - 17.5.09

It is but natural to have merriment. People sing, dance, laugh, eat and drink too! Unfortunately, a handful of unwanted circumstances could lead to of this would be to drive after drinking. Driving under the influence (of alcohol or drugs) is a criminal offense to most countries. Aside from injury to self and to others, driving under the influence can result in loss of reputation, expensive fines, required attendance at alcohol-education classes, suspension or revocation of driver’s license, increase in or cancellation of auto insurance, placement of an ignition interlock device in a car, and, in some cases, jail or prison. If in cases that a driver injures another, medical expenses should also be shouldered. And when charged with DUI while on vacation, will surely ruin all the fond memories.

The best solution to avoid all these of course is to always follow the cliche "don't drink and drive." In cases of DUI though there are Defense lawyers that an accused can hire to reduce if not dismiss the charges. Take the Los Angeles DUI Drunk Driving Attorneys for one, they are dedicated to protect the rights, and fight on behalf of accused DUI drivers to avoid a serious criminal conviction appearing on their record.

They offer services in English, Spanish, Russian, Armenian, Farsi and Hebrew.

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