Insured and Eco Friendly

by - 17.5.09

Looking back, there was little motivation for buying a ‘green’ or hybrid car. Such environmentally friendly vehicles struggled for attention and buyers compared to the 'mainstream' cars. Perhaps, only those with genuine concern about the environment are willing to do a switch.

But preferences has changed a lot. Nowadays, many are opting for the eco-friendly vehicles in connection with global warming and all the attempts in saving the environment.

With the change in consumer behaviour, car insurance companies have also responded by offering ‘eco-friendly’ policies. Car insurance costs for green cars are actually more expensive since they have higher maintenance costs. But car insurance sees that an eco-friendly motorist is unlikely to travel at faster speeds, thus minimizing the carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere.

Eco friendly car insurance also offers carbon offsetting. It involves calculating your emissions and purchasing an equal (or a percentage of, depending on the agreement) number of `carbon credits`. These are carbon reduction projects around the world such as replenishing the rainforest or building wind farms.

IBuyEco is one of those companies providing Green car insurance. At IBuyEco, all you need to do is provide information about your car use, this will be used to produce a car insurance quote which also enables them to calculate CO2 emissions. The money paid to offset the CO2 emissions produced by annual driving goes to purchase carbon credits from a portfolio of projects mentioned above.

It is good to see that not only individuals but insurance companies have been moved to consider environmental issues thus encouraging motorists to go green.
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