Watery Wednesday - Old Danube (1st post)

by - 2.12.08


30 Oct 08

The Old Danube is a very picturesque area accessible to the public both for swimming and as a leisure park.

Tourists and locals alike enjoy this particular spot. This swimming area is perfectly suited for all those who love row boats, motor boats, paddling boats and sail boats.

There are pools by the shore, as well as various restaurants, snack bars, sports clubs and more.

The other side, one fine summer day. (Both photos taken aboard the train).

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  1. when i hear the word danube, the first (person) things that comes to mind are johann strauss and waltz! hee hee. :D

  2. Looks like a peaceful kind of setting. Perfect for getting away from the pressure of the week.

    Just to clarify what I said in my post, the ferries to the barrier islands I spoke of aren't terribly expensive, but the private boats that tie up in the harbor can run into millions of dollars to buy and probably not much less to maintain. But unless you want to buy your own ferry, the prices to get out to the islands are pretty reasonable. Depending on where you're going, the round trip might cost as much as $20USD.

    Now getting there from your part of the world could be a little pricey I should think.

  3. Whenever I see anything to do with Danube, I too think of Johann Sebastian Strauss and his beautiful music; The Blue Danube, Tales from the Vienna Woods, etc. Beautiful photographs.

  4. This is lovely. Though I expect old architecture and stone bridges to grace the Danube! The modern boats remind me of marinas on the Jersey Shore. Thanks for sharing these great seascapes.

  5. these are really beautiful shots! I'm glad you are joining the contest. :)


  6. It's beautiful. It's so similar to Lake Geneva in some respect :D

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments.

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  7. Nice shots. It's pretty cool that you can see that from a train. Sorry about the Mr. Linky problems. I'm suggesting everyone use the comments as a list of who is participating. Hopefully I can add the list soon.

  8. The Danube is a gorgeous river to have flowing through your city. Strauss was right!

  9. Love the colors of the trees around the water. Just wonderful.

  10. Looks like a nice place to enjoy the weekend...

  11. Looks like a lovely place to spend the day. Great shots!

  12. Thanks for telling about this meme. I checked my files and saw that I can support this meme, so I joined. =)

    Great shots naman nito, from the train? Wow. Linaw ng shots mo, what camera did you use?

    My entry is posted here. Hope you can drop by!

    (i used my blogger open id kasi di ko mailagay ang wordpress open id ko)

  13. What a beautiful landscape under a gorgeous sky!
    Taken from a moving train - wonderful photos.

  14. I agree with Denise, reminds me of the music the word Danube...........great photos.

    Gill in Canada

  15. I guess the Danube is a lot cleaner than the Nile, in which we saw the corpses of cows and other animals! Anyway by the look of your photos it looks very inviting.