Sepia Scenes - Horse and Dolphin Ride

by - 3.12.08

dolphin sepia

3 Dec 08

The joy of being a play and laugh.

Matthew 18:2 So, calling a young child to him, he set it in their midst
3 and said: “Truly I say to YOU, Unless YOU turn around and become as young children, YOU will by no means enter into the kingdom of the heavens.
4 Therefore, whoever will humble himself like this young child is the one that is the greatest in the kingdom of the heavens;
5 and whoever receives one such young child on the basis of my name receives me [also].

sepia horse

Thanks to the organizers of this meme, sepia photos evoke many memories, and just as this photo shows, childhood...

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  1. i very much like the first photo. the happiness is clearly seen in his smile. nice verses too!

  2. Both images are just right for the sepia effect!
    Cute little one enjoying the play.
    I love the last one - waiting for a child.
    Very nice.

  3. oh my he is having a wonderful time isn't he? I love seeing his happy face. but, I too am drawn to the last picture where the horse is just waiting for someone to come along. Great pick for sepia.

    Happy Thursday:-)

  4. What joy on that little face! It did bring back memories of my son when he was little - he loved those rocking horses too! A nice sepia step back into time and memories!

  5. These will become such happy childhood memories to treasure.

  6. Nice the joy on the face.

  7. I love that tone, and it is perfect for the subject

  8. What cute shots! The child looks to be having a great time.

  9. mirage, did your photo come out purple? It did when I looked at it on your blog... Sepia is a brown tone. :)