by - 11.9.09

Back in college when we were choosing what clubs to join, the Mountaineering club was on top of my list. I don't remember what happened but I wasn't able to pursue that. Now, living in a mountainous region it is easier to finally go climbing, but we enjoy it iced than dry! But its probably a good time to try...

Take no chances and risk when buying climbing gear, there are lots out there that are cheap but would not be as tough as the more expensive ones. With careful and thorough screening you'll definitely find affordable but worth it through all weather gears. Take this North Face gear men's pumori jacket, this versatile jacket can be used on mild conditions but the insulative layer works well on cold temperature too. Available in different colors and is on sale upto 50% off!

The women's Arcteryx Jackets collection is something to be checked out too. Resist the wind and cold with one of their trendy jackets...the pockets will provide a good warming up for cold fingers. Get your gears ready at a lower price now, it's always wise saving up for future use.

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