Longing for a dog

by - 10.9.09

Are you a dog or a cat person? I'll definitely say I'm a dog person! Even as a kid I enjoyed hacing dogs and puppies at home than I would cats. I would attest to the truthfulness of the saying that dogs are a "man's best friend". Growing up I never really cared about giving dog names except for those that follows their colors. If there ever was one I remember until now, it has to be Caster, my bulldog that I had when I was in gradeschool...I cried when it died... :D (I could really be attached to my pets that's why).

Recently too I've been playing pet pupz in Facebook...since I cannot have a real dog at home...(3 kids is too much and one having asthma won't help). Adopting a virtual pet is the closest to having a real one, I guess. There are lots of dog breeds to choose from and I picked out a Japanese chowchow! This one is really cute..with eyes covered in fur, its adorable looking and one I'd definitely love to hug! I wouldn't mind the color if ever I get one... So which dog would you like to have as a pet?

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