More thoughts about dogs

by - 10.9.09

While browsing trough a dog website I was once again taken back to my childhood...when all I play with were dogs instead of dolls. I don't remember a time that I don't have a dog for a pet. And every time they die I cried...(no kidding here!)

As previously mentioned I would love to once again have a pet if given the chance, a Chowchow in particular or a chocolate Labrador or a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. The Chowchow for the furry look and oh-so huggable cuteness, the Labrador for that lovely color and the spaniel for its elegance, if there's such a thing. :D

I had my share of experiences owning a Bulldog and a Boston Terrier and I think I wouldn't be ready having stubborns at home (I already have 3 kids for that!). *sigh* Now I have to wait some more years before I can finally have a dog around the house...

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  1. I miss having a dog but I won't be getting one any time soon. One day! :) I hope you get yours soon.