Ruby Tuesday - Newspaper Stand

by - 4.11.08


29 Oct 08

Heute (Today) is a newspaper in Vienna, that is distributed - for free. One could avail a copy conveniently from the train stations and read just enough before going to work. Definitely a good way to disseminate information to the public.

What I like about this paper though is their contributor's section where readers can send their photo and gets paid a hundred euros when printed in the pages and a thousand as a banner!

(At the background of the 1st photo is another newspaper stand, that of Österreich. )


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  1. The newspaper boxes have more than a dash of style. The red makes the display come alive.

    €100 or €1.000 for a winning submission? I'd love to find out how...I have already spent the money! Happy Ruby Tuesday

  2. This is a good post you've got here.

    My posts are here and here

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  3. Cool idea, I took one of ours too, was going to wait til next week!

  4. I find those news stands are quite an interesting abstract shape! Great ruby post!