by - 20.11.08


20 Nov 08

The Wiener Linien is very efficient under circumstances that a bus, train or tram incoveniently has to stop for some reason. They would immediately send or schedule buses to take passengers to their supposed destination or the nearest available line.

Earlier, the line which I take has to go another route because this tram had a little problem, perhaps slid off the train tracks that the Supermen had to 'manually' lift it to put it back. Cases like this calls for the 'camera in action' role of hubby and I. It so happened he had the camera in his bag so I was able to get decent shots.


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  1. I can almost hear the men's grunting. I think another ten men would do the job.

  2. hehehe... if only i c help! these are some ordinary moments yet worth capturing.

  3. They need super strength to push the tram! But it was a good moment!