Vienna is different...

by - 11.10.10

Wien ist anders. This has been the slogan that the city has lived with through the years. In many ways this is true. Vienna as a city is different when it comes to childcare policies, family support, cleanliness maintenance, transportation system and a lot more. This is after all the city named this year's number 1 for having the best quality of life of any city in the world.

Red is the color of the Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs (Social Democratic Party of Austria), one of the oldest party in Austria dating back to the post-war era. (More about them soon, the elections were held last Sunday and I had long wanted to write something about it.) Above, you can see a campaign poster of the Mayor of Vienna, Michael Haüpl. I didn't realize that it was caught in the picture until I was looking for today's post. This is the old tram that was used for the long nights at the museum, open doors and wooden interiors differentiate it from the trams of today.

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Ruby Tuesday

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  1. wow, you live in a great city, G. i wonder if Manila would ever be in the list.:p

  2. I love Vienna, although I am a bit worried about the rise of the FPOE. but let's just hope the city stays different in a good way.

  3. What a wonderful red tram! Looks a bit like the tram I take into work when I go into Stockholm (Sweden) - also near the top of the list.

  4. Beautiful red tram. Congratulations for living in the best city in the world!

  5. It's fun and interesting to see what is going on in other MyWorld photos. This is in fact an interesting photo. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice ride!

    Please come and see the Ruby Tuesday at my page.

  7. The man behind the poster looks like the Mayor of Vienna. Hehehe! I love the color of the tram.

    I wonder why we didn't continue using tram here. They look like a much better mode of transportation compared to jeeps.

  8. HAha, didn't notice that Gene! :D oo nga!