Mozart's house and his red coat

by - 4.10.10

(The street where Mozarthaus can be found, Domgasse 5, 1010 Vienna)

As mentioned last post, Saturday was the yearly Lange Nacht der Museen in Austria (Long night of the museums). Now on its 11th year, there were over 650 participating museums...the number grew through the years. The event starts at 6pm and ends at 1 am, you pay 13 Euros for your pass which serves as a bus ticket and entrance ticket for all museums, special prices of 11 or less for students, handicapped and senior citizens...while kids below 12 (born October 1 ,1998 onwards) are free!

For a total of 7 hours how many can you visit?

My 9-year-old daughter and I only managed to visit 7 because we started at 7pm and ended at 11:30 but hey, 7 museums for 13 euros, cheap and really worth it. It was not a good idea buying the ticket on the day itself though. I should have reserved at least the day before.

There were buses number 1 to 5 from the startpoint (below post) that take a specific route to drop visitors to different museums. If one is adept with the train routes then it's easier to travel because the buses are full and take longer too. 

(Three floors of the building)

Now, I wouldn't feature the museums according to sequence, I just happen to pick Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's house for today. This was actually our last stop for the night. The Mozarthaus is located at the back of the Stephansdom at the city center and a 5-minute-walk from the trainline U1 Stephansplatz.

The building houses a cafe  and a souvenir shop on the groundfloor and the first floor extension, respectively. The first floor is the apartment where Mozart and his family lived with its original division. There were only speculations as to where the actual kitchen, workroom, living room and bedroom could have been...the building stood since the 17th century afterall. Mozart lived here from 1784 to 1787, the first floor was opened to the public in 1941, 150 years after his death. The whole building was then opened as a centre dedicated to the musician/composer's life and works in 2006, on his 250th death anniversary. The third and fourth floors exhibit letters, photos and other mementos of Mozart's friends and colleagues as well as a 3d presentation of the Magic Flute.

I knew for sure that photos would be prohibited but I saw a woman taking shots so I took 3 at most hurriedly and was soon told by an attendant not to. :D (The other woman got lots though lol.) Apart from a portrait of Mozart painted by a friend and the stairs photo above, this is the other one, a red and a black coat/tunic (I'm lost as to what this is in English) the composer wore.

 Join us...


Ruby Tuesday

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  1. Beautiful evening photo, sounds like a wonderful day.

  2. Oh wow I love this kind of lighting and it's pretty red coat too. Happy Monday!
    Ruby Red Tuesday

  3. I often use my cellphone and no blitz, when photography is not allowed.
    I get the memories and the guards don't seem to mind.
    Your pix from the Museum day/night are all very special.
    I'm particularly fascinated by the last one.
    A red frock and a ghost like figure with no face side by side.
    How spookey is that?

  4. Sounds like a fun time and you got some good shots.

  5. That was a wonderful program. I hope we have something like that around here.

  6. Thank you for the effort and great journey through the night. Please have you all a good Tuesday.

    daily athens

  7. I love the idea of spending a night visiting museums!! what a great plan - and love all the yellows in your pic of the house...

  8. The neighborhood is beautiful, and being so old, seems accessible only through a portal in a wall. A tall building, I like the open middle inside, which would be bathed in sunlight (if it were daytime). An amazing look at the past!

  9. I like this idea of a night visiting museums very much and wish we had that here.
    Thank you so much for showing Mozart's home, he's one of my favourite composers because his music is always cheerful.
    Re the coats, the red one is a frock coat and the other is an early version of the Great Coat (or travelling coat)- often they had scalloped collar and shoulder capes. The sleeves were usually long so they could be folded down in cold weather to keep the hands warm.

  10. Marvellous shots!

  11. That's a great idea to visit museums, especially when you are young. For me one museum a day is enough now.
    Thanks for your visit to Leiden. In German it means "to suffer", but in Dutch Leiden means to lead, to be the leader. To suffer = "lijden" in Dutch. Dutch is a different language and doesn't look like German, although some words are related to both English and German. I also speak German and I can tell you that it is a more difficult language for us to learn than English.

  12. I am just fascinated by the clothing old that time. Just to imagine that the men wore those. Night time Museum tours are great. We have a few here for members only We try to go to them. There is just something about being in them a night.
    My Ruby Tuesday link for you

  13. What a great idea!
    To be in the same house where Mozart lived is awesome.
    I love that red coat.
    Great stairway shot!

    Thanks for your visit. It's nice to visit here again.

  14. I am loving the idea of Lange Nacht der Museen. Your kids are lucky to grow up in a city with so much history. So many things to learn and museums to visit.