Frozen Lake, Curtain Trees

by - 28.1.08

frozen lake

24 December 07; Wien Floridsdorf

When it gets below 0° this can happen, a frozen lake. Two years ago, the bigger part of the lake froze and people were allowed to skate on it- for free! During this time though, only the ducks and the swans remain and tolerated the cold feel on their feet.

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  1. nice photo, i love photos about snow!:)

    Thank you for your comments at

    do check out too.. i live there now:)

  2. Oh...Budapest is very near here...haven't been there yet though. But the singapore dp is still active right? I'll check budapest now. Thanks! I like snow photos too but don't like the cold part when I take them! Hihi.

  3. Really nice photo. Love the tree branches against the snow. Thanks for visiting Fort Lauderdale, too!

  4. Thanks Gigi! Creation is always wonderful. =)

  5. thanks to Fenix@ Boston I discovered your page! Absolutely great!

  6. Thanks Lara, and thanks to Fenix! =)