Lonely Benches

by - 29.1.08

lonely benches

24 December 2007; Wien, Floridsdorf

Not only are the benches lonely, the coldness surrounding them gives this photo a very lonely aura. But that is the beauty of the seasons. Each having a unique emotion and distinct identity making us know which of them is best for us. I feel lonely whenever winter comes but when the first flakes of snow started filling up our balcony in the morning, there is always a feeling of excitement...

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  1. Thanks for your visit to my blog. You have a good spanish.
    La silla oscilante (una palabra muy tecnica) es una mecedora.

  2. Itñs me again. Come to visit my blog and you´ll find your ¨mecedora¨.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Fernando. ok ill look then!

  4. Lovely shot. The colors with the snow are beautiful.

  5. Thanks zentmrs...though looks also sad, nature is always nice.