I am a Filipino living in Vienna and simply enjoying it. I was a photographer and a writer by profession. I have been in the city since 2002 and had been practicing my skills so as not to get 'rusty.' Having 3 kids in tow, I only do home work nowadays. I aim to somewhat promote the city of Vienna as a wonderful tourist destination.

Most of the times I feature urbanscapes, but I love showing the unseen scenery around Vienna too. Please enjoy sightseeing around. Should you want to contact me, please leave a comment, or a c-box message or by emailing me at mirage2g@gmail.com.

Suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you,

Gizelle Khan


  1. You have beautiful photos of Vienna the way you see it. I like your candid shots too. What i like most about the culture of the Viennese are their old cafes and of course their pastry. I would like to see that again. I also lived in Europe for a long time and I only visited your city once. I'll be following your blog. Cheers!

  2. Hi, found your blog today.How lucky to get to be in Vienna. Have never been there. Great fotos, I see.