by - 31.1.08


September 2007, 1st district

One of the body-painted entertainers at the 1st district. This guy will not move unless you drop him a coin...if you do, he would either wink or bow down. Quite interesting people who can withstand the weather be it cold or warm. They are really like stone statues in the middle of the street! Below are impersonators of Mozart and Charlie Chaplin, they move and greet people unlike the Silverman.


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  1. Great shots! Your photos are crisp and sharp. What camera do you use? And do you enhance your photos?

    I found my way here via I Heart Manila. I read your comment about the Hotdog song. I hope you can listen to my radio show in the UK, every Saturday 3pm UK time. Just go to and click on LISTEN ONLINE at the upper right hand corner. You can even request songs!

    When you get the chance, do visit my blogs :D

    Have a great weekend!

    a Pinay in England
    Your Love Coach
    The Goddess In You
    Norwich Daily Photo

  2. Hi Joy! Thanks for dropping ba, I never really thought you're pinas, somehow thought you are chinese who knows tagalog =D

    You got a very nice set of photos at norwich daily.

    Iam using a sony f717, I sometimes crop my photos...for this silverman photo I sharpened his face and body. Otherwise, I just leave my photos as is.

    Thanks for dropping by. Salamat.

  3. Ay naku joy, sorry for misspelling, that's 'by' for ba and 'pinay' for pinas. =D

  4. These are very interesting and quite amusing. Seen live statues before and wonder if the paint doesn't itch? stage make-up does - so must this. I'd get dizzy after a while and begin to weave. :)

  5. I think the same Isadora, I haven't really looked closely of what the paints are made of, haven't asked as well since they won't talk anyway...but they really endure the makeups well. Thanks for dropping by.Good day!

  6. ahhaay ang cute!! na miss ko yan may ganyan sa manila bay ehehhe :)

  7. OMG! Ang cute! I'd never seen one pa. :D

  8. Nice pictures! We have silvermans and goldmans in the malls nowadays that when you give them money in their boxes, they move :D They're very artistic and entertaining