by - 2.10.12


Gloriette, Schönbrunn
As an impressionable kid growing up, I’ve always loved the great outdoors. Even if the gadgets we have today were available back then, I still probably would have preferred going outside to play than staying in the living room, fiddling with my Nintendo DS. It was simply much more fun to feel the sun kiss my cheeks and the wind blow my uncombed hair. 

I have carried this trait with me well into my adult years. It would probably take somebody to offer me a million bucks to get me to stay indoors for an entire day! I try to strike a balance between staying inside the house to blog and taking in the breathtaking sights Vienna has to offer. 

One marvelous architectural structure which never fails to make my jaw drop is the Gloriette at Schonbrunn. This edifice is made up of a central section in the form of an arch, flanked by two covered wings. It has a flat roof which serves as a viewing deck. You get up there via a stairway. From there, you can have a better view of the surrounding lush greenery. Fantastic! 

The fun doesn’t stop in the daytime, though. Evenings at the Gloriette mean hanging out at the café and restaurant which is found in the central section. Good food + good company = an unadulterated great time. I just love coming here with the whole family. 

 If you’re a naturally indoorsy type of person, there’s nothing wrong with that. Once in a while, though, you might want to check out what the real beauty of the outdoors is all about.

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