Vienna at Night (different zones)

by - 12.10.12

romantic vienna hotels
photo by hubby, night after work

Ten years ago, we lived in this busy area of Vienna, where shopping stores are abundant and where there are always a lot of people like ants going about looking for food.There's a number of romantic Vienna hotels, apartments and cafes lining up - it was a busy everyday fare.

Since we transferred to a place a little farther from the city center (below photo), I rarely get the chance to take photos of Vienna's busy streets at night, except of course if we go out for dinner, during a special event to cover or attend or venture through the Long Nights at the Museums (which happened last week and I have an overdue post once again). I truly miss taking night shots in this illustrious city.

There have been big changes comparing how the city was nine or ten years ago, economically speaking - there's a rapid change at commodity prices and even apartment rent. Imagine it going up from 400Euro to 500Euro in 2 years! There are now security guards in many shops - which points out that crime rate has certainly gone up. I don't read much of the tabloids because they always contain such stories, based from those few instances I got ahold of one to pass time off while in the train when I forgot my precious book. For those who have lived in this city all their life, it is but rightful to complain how things have changed.

I, however, being a foreigner have seen worse. I still appreciate the government for providing affordable housing, a transportation system that is perhaps par none, clean, pure water you can drink from the tap and of course, free education for children.

Change is inevitable, that's true, it's much unfortunate if that change is for the worse...but Vienna still remains to be at the top of the list of most livable cities in the world (2nd to be exact). With its culture-rich history, it's music filled late nights, palaces of grandeur, walkable parks, friendly people (mostly), the most picturesque surroundings, I wouldn't trade Vienna for any city in the world...

Then again, I think of Tokyo. ^_^

Untitled_HDR2 horizon vienna
view from or bedroom window at night

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  1. a perfect night from a beautiful city. i so wish to visit vienna someday

  2. Lovely photographs! In that photo of Vienna's busy street, i can still sense discipline from those is such a lovely view to look at..well, both photos actually

  3. I was speechless of how beautiful the night was! It's very relaxing! It seemed like I wanted to be where you are and i could stay for the rest of the night! Very lovely shot!

  4. gorgeous view. i love the last photo where you can view the city from your very own bedroom. I love how the moon and clouds complimented the photo.

  5. I only see Vienna in movies;) somtimes i do dream of living my life in a busy city like Vienna but I am just afraid for the safety of my kids. There are so many things to consider before thinking of living in a busy city such as Vienna

  6. Wow I wish I can visit those places so pretty..Sort like in Vegas at night hehhehe.

  7. Absolutely stunning pictures Sis Marie :-) great job :-) My hats off to your photography skill :-)

  8. wow.. thank you for this beautiful post

  9. Great captures! Stunning city and I heard so much about how wonderful Vienna is. I wish to visit the place someday if given the opportunity :-)

  10. Very nice photos! Would love to visit the place someday...