Ten Years in this Lovely City

by - 14.10.12

Riesenrad/Giant Wheel at night

It has been my yearly habit to post one such as this, like an overview of the year past. On this day, ten years ago, I came with the hopes of a 21-year-old mom and wife to rejoin her husband. I got more than just that. ^_^ I had a rollercoaster life-ride!

Then, I often include a number of photos from different years so today, let me do just that again except, I'm sharing photos from within the year 2011-2012. 

This year, I was able to somehow take that exam that has waited for 8 years already---the citizenship exams, well, there's a study material of about 55 pages containing Austrian history, government system, regulations and the like that I skimmed through. Come exam day I was disappointed that there were only 18 questions. Haha! So miniscule, then again it was good, I passed with flying colors, got a perfect score! ;) Well, hey...they say that the best blaze burns brightest, when circumstances are at their worst...I was cramming, I had about a month to study but actually did 3 days prior. It helped a lot that I have been writing stuff on this blog so I am somehow truly familiar with Austria's government system and history. There's still  a document or two that I need to submit - hopefully everything will clear by the end of the month. :)

That aside, this year has not been like before when I am often out and about taking photos within the city. Sorry, blogging - more on the writing part of it, came in the way. Kidding! But, really I have been doing a lot of blog posts that I haven't gone out a lot when this school-year began, I have to scout my archives for the photos of summer for posting but that would be inappropriate to post now for autumn. :/

This year saw me in a photo coverage of a wedding. It was fun and really worth breaking my neck and shoulders for. Well and yes, will definitely go about breaking them for another year of Vienna Daily. ^_^
statues neptune fountain
Neptune Fountain back view
Lamp at the Schönbrunn grounds
Praterstern after the rain
sunrise, view from our window sometime  last week

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  1. Wow, you got a perfect score on the exam! Way to go!
    Where you are, I guess, is really where you ought to be. Enjoy living that beautiful and wonderful life.

  2. Haha 55 pages to study, and then they only gave 18 Qs to answer. Congrats for the perfect score.

    BTW. I so love your photos.

  3. 10 years wow. It's a great place though, and congrats on getting perfect score. awesome

  4. Wow, 10 years na, parang tagal na ano...no wonder you use "Germglish"...LOL! Love your pics, btw!

  5. Wow, you're about 3 years ahead of me! Well, isn't it amazing of how months and years went by? I could still remember the first time I came here in US. Anyway, i love the roller coaster pic, do they have lights on them?

  6. time definitely fly by so quickly huh? you have gorgeous place and lovely photos :)

  7. sharing an amazing place with the rest of the family is truly a blessing. cheers to more years of blissful life in a place so romantic and very rich in culture.

  8. so beautiful , viennna is indeed a beautiful haven. I wish i can visit that wonderful country some day, your third picture is the setting of our newest abs-cbn teleserye, a beautiful affair. looks magnificent.

  9. Oh my, that's a lot of pages only to answer 18 questions. but well you rock the test papers by getting a perfect score. I can tell you are smart through your writing and quite great in taking photos too.

  10. Wow! Those are amazing shots as always Sis Marie :-) I am one of your fans :-) beautiful shots :-)

  11. Happy anniversary. Ten long years! Do you feel at home already or do you still consider PI your "home"?

    I haven't been around lately. Good luck on the citizenship thingy.

    Hope all's going well.

  12. Congratulations for getting a perfect score in the test!

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos. I want to go there. It is so nice to be able to explore different places and just enjoy it. :)

  14. Hello Vienna Daily

    Julie here from the admin team for the City Daily Photo portal.

    At the moment as your blog feeds through the portal, a thumbnail is not being captured and displayed along with your blog details. This has to do with your being a Wordpress blog. Could you contact us please (via the contact drop down box on the portal) and we can explain to you how to work around this problem

    The portal is at http://citydailyphoto.org/index.html#

    Many thanks

  15. The last shot on this post is perfect for the season.