Breitenfelder Kirche

by - 10.6.11

I often pass by this church when I'm in the train going home. I never got the chance to take a photo of it until last week. Too bad I can only come this near as we were in a hurry to go to the city center. - The kids were hungry lol.

The Breitenfelder Kirche/Church lies between the belts Florianigasse and Feldgasse - a busy area very near the University. From the above perspective you wouldn't really see a triangle no? But from below I know you would. :)

For photohunt's triangle theme.

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  1. I think churches hire the best architects in town. They are always beautifully made.

  2. I wonder what architectural design is that...

  3. now i want a postcard of this, too! how do you pronounce that again??? :)

  4. Kakaiba talaga ang mga buildings nila jan noh?