Garden Clock

by - 4.6.11

Stadtpark, Vienna - May 30,2011

This is a functioning clock at the Stadtpark (City Park). Since spring came, Unsere Gärten (Our gardens), as you can see inscripted above the clock, has been maintaining the flowers,plants and basically all gardens around the city.

On a side note, I find flowers as an inspiration, taking online photography classes can really pay off if I'd like to make much prettier photographs. I found some course at Guide to Online Schools and have been considering enrolling myself. This could be different now from what I learned in photography (using an SLR) 12 or more years ago.

I take them as pelargonien like these flowers from the sidestreet but I could be wrong. 

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  1. The clock keeps time? What fun! What a great idea. The flowers are beautiful.

  2. amazing clock! Vienna must be really beautiful in spring with all the well-maintained gardens.

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  3. Beautiful. Vienna has such wonderful parks and gardens.

  4. Nice! The clock reminds of the one in Luneta but I don't think it's still functioning now. :/

    I love reading this kind of posts. Pelargonien, new flower in my vocabulary.

  5. Still functioning? wow! that's good. Would be a waste if not taken care of.

  6. wow, this is sooo pretty, i've never seen a real one in my life, i hope we have one of those here in the philippines...

  7. Grabe! Those flowers are so perfect! :)