Basa (Wet)

by - 29.6.11

We see this beauty while wandering around the Volksgarten. That's also where all those lovely roses I posted weeks ago were. While taking photos, it occurred to me that mother duck is actually posing for the this instant showing off that she can stand - balance with one foot!

Below are her ducklings all wet and trying to dry up on the planks at the pond they're into. The father duck was there too in another plank looking out to them....they've become part of the garden's attraction, almost more famous than the statue situated at the middle of the pond. :)

Nakita namin ang magandang bibe na ito sa gitna ng Volksgarten na tila ba nanadyang magpakuha ng litrato. Tingnan ninyong mabuti at nakataas ang isa niyang paa. Para niyang sinasabi, kaya kong tumayo  ng ganito, sige kunan mo ako!

Kasama niya ang kanyang mga sisiw na nagapatuyo ng kanilang mga sarili sa isang tablang nakalutang sa tubig.

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  1. ang cute nga mga sisiw, at saka gustong-gusto ko yong blue hue sa feathers ng mother nila.

  2. cute naman ng mga ducklings... hehehe

  3. Oh, fasyown si Mommy Duck, may highlights pa ang feather. Hahaha!

    I remember one time, brother bought a baby duck as a pet. Then we went out of town for a day, when we came home, there was a murder scene in the living. Blood was all over the floor and the duck was nowhere to be found. I think a rat ate it. :(

  4. oh lookie, she's got highlights in blue! :)

    i've never seen a real duck in a long time. maybe if we will have a bigger space, i could pet some.

    love those photographs + the baby ducks are overly adorable! :)