Cloudy with a chance of caramel...

by - 30.9.10

Kung ang ulan ay purong tsokolate, o kay sarap ng ulan.
Ako'y lalabas at ako'y nganganga....ahhh ahh ahh ha ha.
O kay sarap ng ulan...

So goes one of the most popular song I know from my childhood. It goes something like this when translated:

If rain is pure chocolate, oh how yummy rain would be.
I would go out and open my mouth....ahh ahh ahh ha ha.
Oh how yummy rain would be.

 Truly a child's fantasy but I wouldn't mind if the rain turns to caramel, I'd have my sundae ready then. ;-)

Happy Skywatching!

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  1. Beautiful sky!
    Happy weekend to you:)

  2. wow! great photos...and I would be ok with dark chocolate rain any day of the week!

  3. This is very unique sky. Very beautiful!
    Blue sky

  4. Brilliant pictures for those words. Please have a good new month and Friday as well.

    daily athens

  5. I wish the sunsets are caramels or cinnamon and every child and adults alike would be so delighted.

  6. wow!! lovely shots!!

    have a great weekend

  7. while growing up I truly believed in the chocolate factory's existence. i wanted badly to go to the states so i can visit willy wonka's factory :D

  8. The sky does look like caramel. Great skywatching post.

  9. ...i was hoping for coffee from heavens!:p
    what dramatic sky you have, G.

  10. Beautiful colors of the sunset. Great pictures.

  11. Thanks everyone! Will get back to your posts soon.

    Bill: sunrise it is... :)

  12. I am not familiar with that song. What song is that? If it indeed rain something like that, I will bring a bucket with me while lying on the ground with my mouth open, hahaha!