Japan and Omega 3

by - 19.9.10

I consider salmon as my favorite fish. A week won't go by without us having it on our table. As a matter of fact, I often feature a salmon dish on my foodblog. This is one of the reasons why I would love to visit Japan aside from the lovely Sakura falling in autumn, wonderful scenery and the temples too. I could list down a hundred more reasons why but salmon would always be at the top of my list. :)

There's also a good reason why I love salmon and that is the very rich Omega-3 content. I've been reading a lot about this unsaturated fatty acid at Omega-3.org, on how it is beneficial to one's health. As summary, Omega 3 improves cardiovascular health, Omega 3 can prevent allergies, Omega 3 fights depression, Omega 3 lowers cholesterol, Omega 3 can boost the immune system and a lot more. In short, it is important in one's well-being. It is not only in salmon but also in sardines, mackerel, herring, tuna and bluefish...also regular dishes on our table. Though at times, we may not be ablt to consume the required amount of Omega 3 so it advisable to take a supplement. Visit the Omega-3.org website to learn more.

(Salmon hung and dried somewhere in Tokyo. Photo courtesy of http://chourou-sumimasen.blogspot.com/2009/11/salmon-day.html.) No wonder that a 2007 study conducted in Japan revealed that men with unhealthy blood sugar levels and cardiovascular issues benefited from taking doses of Omega 3 as part of their diet compared to those who did not.

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  1. I have tasted salmon for only a few times but I love it. Kind of expensive but oh so worth it!