Aninite 2010

by - 20.9.10

AniNite has been the biggest and coolest Anime-Manga convention in Vienna since its inception.The convention this year was held from Aug 27 to 29 at the School Ödenburgerstraße, very near where we live. Last year it was in October so hubby and I were surprised that they did it in August this year...

He was out that day and saw them youngsters wearing known Anime characters from Bleach and Naruto. Being fans ourselves, we went spontaneously to take photos and videos. 

The 3 day convention went with cosplay contests, AMV's, japanese food, concerts, games, fanfare, paraphernalia and collectors item....we even got ourselves loot from Japan.

Featured above is my favorite group....from Final Fantasy, Zack,Sephiroth, Cloud and then Dante...They have the coolest looks! Below are our loot, from hubby to little boy's choice of Klumpert. More photos here.

(Mario mushroom candies, hello kitty egg, Asoka Pinky St. character, nunchuk and old nintendo game controller candy holders)

A video that hubby stitched together...

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  1. The video and photos are great. Unfortunately I missed Aninite this year.

  2. So many anime lovers around the world! Love the loots, especially the mushroom and Pinky St!