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I love to draw. As a kid, drawing was one of the three things I enjoy at school (the other two would be English and Sports - volleyball, basketball, chess -?-). I remember too that I'm ok with an HB pen and I'd draw things I like. I once attempted Van Gogh's Irises and it was one of the best watercolor I had. Then, I outgrew the hobby, I started to like reading and writing more and I ended up not drawing or painting but writing about paintings and painters. Well, I enjoy that part too and kept in touch with my favorite painters who used to be students but are now professionals in their field...

The trip to the Kindermuseum was one of the many that I had planned to do but never happened. I've listed down the museums I plan to visit with the kids and so far, only two have been in fruition :D Come October would be the Lange Nacht der Museen, an annual event where enthusiasts can visit the Museums in the city for a discounted price. Hopefully I'd be able to do it this time.

So to the photos, the kids can draw something related to water or things that they relate to water in the Museum --- See the drawing tent here.

One that impressed me was the drawing below the two in this photo, not just because it was nicely done but because of the message it relays.

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  1. Thoughtful images - great use of red.

    Wishing you a Happy Ruby Tuesday!


    PS Mine this time is HERE.

  2. The aprons make a great photo but the drawn images are wonderful!

  3. What a lively drawing! Love all those colorful strokes.

  4. I have a job that requires the use of an apron just like these. It was fun to see this in art.

  5. always been fascinated by drawings/paintings and people who can do them.

  6. Great choices, the aprons are a great subject for your photos. The drawings are really cute! Happy Ruby Tuesday

  7. nice post for ruby red...i just dream to draw but sad to say i can't...when i took examination for scholarship i got the slot for architecture course but then i turned it down co'z im afraid to just fail with drawings...hehe...

  8. I really like the way the smocks look
    just waiting for their artists to appear :)

  9. Love the photo with the aprons, but I love the hand drawings even more!

  10. Hi Gizelle,

    your pictures are interesting. I love the African drawing. That student is pretty talented. The museum sounds like its very child friendly. I'm a new follower. Thanks for sharing.


  11. the 2nd drawing reminds me of the bible illustrations in the books i read as a child. drawing was also my first love--in fact, up until high school, i made my own comic strip.:p
    one time, my boss sneaked up on me during a boring meeting, and i was drawing beauty queens in their swim suits (lol).

  12. I too love to draw....this was a great entry, I enjoyed it so much. In fact, today my post has a drawing I just finished.........

    My R T is "lady in red"...a portrait of my daughter. Come by and view her if you can find time, I'd love your visit!!

  13. I really dig the aprons photo (sorry kids).....

  14. Interesting how the children drew water. I like both but the final drawing is lovely.

  15. Ayy, the kids have shown their artistic sides on their drawings. Ang kyut! :)