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28 May 2010

Fortunately for some us, water is as simple as turning on the faucet. There, clean and fresh and available whenever we need it. This is of course not the case for other parts of the world.

Despite "its apparent" abundance - even if there is more water on the earth's surface than there is land - it should not be wasted. Teaching our children to value, respect, and, above all, not waste water, is an important - and ecologically sound - lesson that should be taught from an early age! This is one of the goals of this installation at the Kindermuseum theme H20 or in lay man's term, water.

My daughter's class went there, with me and other moms chaperone. :)

From http://www.ecofriendlykids.co.uk/Water.html:

We should all be looking at ways to save water around the home and the simplest and probably the most obvious is to turn the tap off when we don’t need it! How many of us routinely leave the taps running when we clean our teeth? Or fill the bath right up to the top for a measly five minute soak?! Or let the kitchen sink over flow when we dash of to answer the phone or the front door? As fun as it is to use the garden hose for water fights in the hot weather, it is also extremely wasteful!

In this photo you'd see my daughter (in pink) reaching onto something. That would be her popsicle sticks-boat. The kids were allowed to play with them on this water installation---furnitures put up to create a continuous flow of water and ends up on a literal water bed... The water then returns to it's source afterwards.

More photos here.



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  1. I do hope the Philippines will have more interactive museums for the kids, too.

    My OWM post is right HERE.

  2. I agree with Jenn... we need this kind of learning experience for our Filipino kids.

  3. Water the say is the main source of life. We are experiencing drought all over the world. This field trip sure does make the kids be aware of our environment.

  4. amazing educational place but fun at the same time. igreat images.x lynda

  5. This is a nice event that everyone in the world should practice, it gives the kids an awareness on how to conserve water.

    My entry

  6. Yup conserve water, conserve energy. Mine is up and its here thanks http://www.terryannemary.com/2010/06/i-know-some-of-you-knew-already-that-id.html

  7. that would be a perfect place for field trips! :)

  8. That's a great way to learn. Hope we have places like those here in the Phils.

  9. The city loves the kids noh? They make sure na they have fun while learning.