Some more gadgets

by - 8.10.09

Years ago, working as a photographer, I would normally bring my camera case with only my slr camera in it of course. Nowadays though, I got a bigger camera and other gadgets with it so now I always carry a bigger camera bag complete with "compartments" for batteries, lens, and other accessories. It has always been with me on a day trip even when I'm just out in the city. The only time I left it in confusion was on our emergency trip, lot of thoughts in my head that I thought hubby has it and I thought he took it. :D

So I got the chance to look for some camera bags and cases on display at a camera store one time. And I love these new bags as they hold with care the camera bodies and accessories. The dividers makes it more convenient too for me to easily find what I need. I especially like those ones that are versatile, you can use them not just for your cameras but for everyday needs.

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  1. I've also have a passion of taking photos but I did not focus on it...

    by the way, can we exchange links?
    pls thanks...

  2. You were a photographer. Kaya pala.. :)