Get your files while on travel

by - 8.10.09

When hubby started as a self-employed worker we had more time to travel. It doesn't mean though that it could be pure vacation. There are times that he still needs to work while we're away and so we have to pack our Macbook along and not just to store the photos we take but for him to access his files for work use. He had some of our files on portable hard drives that are sometimes haphazardly and accidentally dropped down by the little ones. And then one time while away, the mac broke down and he we had to wait until we're back home to restore everything.

Thank IDrive for developing the Online Backup service for Macs, hubby would definitely subscribe to this. You get free 2GB space disk where you can store your critical data. Or pay as low as 5$ a month for 150GB to save other data that you would need often. To learn more about the features, click here.

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