Car hire Portugal

by - 18.10.09

For hubby and I, Portugal remains one of the more beautiful places to visit, especially in the summer months. As it is a coastal city the temperature is warm and tropical, moderated by the marine breezes created by onshore trade-winds, which circulates through its avenues.

As in other countries, there are services like car hire Portugal (, which you can easily rent cars from the moment you arrive in Portugal's capital city Lisbon.

Portugal may be big but it is quite easy to navigate. To the South is the grass-covered rolling hills, to the North are mountains and in between on the stretch of land between the river Tagus are all beautiful landscapes perfect for taking photographs.

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  1. What ... no photos? C'mon. Let's see where you are and some of the "landscapes perfect for taking photographs" -;))

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  3. Oo nga, photos please for this post. HEHEHE :D