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by - 22.8.09

With the internet today being the main medium in advertising, having a a functional, user-friendly and engaging website is a must for every company. So it follows that the best thing for a company to do is hire a website design firm to layout their ideas that would best represent their interests.

To be successful in your field means to look good, this goes for web designs as well. Your website is your company's profile and it affects how people would treat you...first impressions always last. So choosing a good template with functions that users would easily understand is a must.

Though there's been much debate about SEO and design, you can have both. I for myself, wanted a simple, clean layout that is easy to navigate but the husband, a web designer, doesn't approve of this.

However, being the busy bee that he is, he can't sit on this and make a decent one. He did gave me a tip: black background with white fonts is easier to read. His programmer friend seemed to disagree though; "white background, black fonts!" was the strict answer.

Design or traffic? Well, why not both? If you get a design firm that has in house designers, in house programmers, project managers like Webfullcircle, you're sure to achieve the most out of your website.

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