Fun parenting resource

by - 29.8.09

School day is fast approaching. My little boy who will be starting grade 1 this year is all excited. We've been scouting school supplies shops and getting his things ready soon so as he won't be disappointed on day 1.

I shop, real or online to look for bags, I prefer trolleys actually so it won't be too heavy for him. And while I was doing so, I chanced upon the website, Nickoledeon's parenting resource where big events are always happening. There are lots of tips and tricks for parents to learn regarding school, kid events and fun places to go anywhere in the US. There are also loads of prizes and giveaways to be won that would surely be of help for shopping. ;-)

There are different categories and topics of interest to browse in the website. Topics tha are particular for the different age groups. Interestingly, this online community website is like a support forum where you get advice from well, real parents.


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