Today's Flowers - Variety

by - 7.2.09


21 April 08

Just a few more weeks and this year's spring is up, here on the Northern hemisphere anyway. So this is to say thank you to all Today's Flowers' participants for showing all the beautiful flowers from your part of the world. Thanks!!!


For more beautiful photos please visit DENISE and LUIZ SANTILLI JR's page.

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  1. Both pictures are great, but I just love the first! I really long for spring.....

  2. I love the delicate pink of the tulips against the strong blue of the forget-me-nots!!
    And in the second photo, the dying daffodils are simply making way for the next flowers on stage. It is a part of the floral cycle that we so often forget!!

  3. Spring is coming, Spring is coming! YAY!
    My Today’s Flower’s post is at
    More of Me - EG

  4. I just hope Spring is around the corner for here in Canada,
    Gill in Canada

  5. Just love that second photo, with some of the tulips faded, some brilliant, some blurry, some crisp.

  6. Beautiful flower pictures! I love the first one. I'd like to take a walk through there.

  7. The fancy tulip in the first photo with the delicate shading is my favorite. Both beautiful images of what awaits us soon here in the Northern Hemisphere.

  8. What lovely flowers - after our drought and heatwave I haven't much left in my garden so it was really nice to see a garden with muliple flowers.