Hawaii over Vienna this Summer

by - 23.7.12

Danube...not so blue
It is Blue alright, but not as picturesque as Hawaii

Sun, sand and surf are perfect elements for a picture perfect summer vacation, and you may find all these in abundance when you visit the fun islands of Hawaii. Totally different from how Vienna is...

Hawaii's got six islands open for tourism with wonderful beaches, breathtaking scenery and great culture that the locals are proud to share. Each of the islands has its own taste of adventure and excitement to offer making Hawaii Vacations a great summer get away for just about everyone.

Most visitors of this famed summer destination go through Honolulu International Airport, Hawaii’s major airport located in Oahu . You need not go far from the airport to start your fun in the sun as this island has already plenty to offer to its tourists. You can have your first stop at the world famous Waikiki Beach where you can enjoy the gorgeous beach with golden sand and clear tranquil waters. Waikiki beach is ideal for lounging around, leisurely swims and beginners’ surfing lessons. Their sunset is also one that you shouldn’t miss. Taking a snapshot of it while on a Waikiki Sunset Cruise would make for a great souvenir. This part of the island is also known for world class resorts, shopping, entertainment and dining facilities for the comfort and enjoyment of their guests.

A trip to the Diamond Head is also a must for first timers in Hawaii . This iconic landmark is a volcanic crater that was formed over a hundred years ago. Aside from the interesting historical and geological facts on this site, visitors also get to enjoy a great view of Oahu ’s coastline when they get to the summit. You can even spot some humpback whales on the horizon during the winter.

If you’d rather go for ocean adventures or marine life explorations then you can check out the Waikiki Aquarium. This is where you can find around 3,500 marine animals on exhibit. There is no shortage of interesting marine life here with around 500 species of aquatic plants and animals to discover including the popular Hawaiian Monk Seals and Sea Jellies. A more up close and personal experience with the island’s marine life awaits you on a snorkeling adventure at the Hanauma Bay.

These are only a few of the sights that you can enjoy during your visit. There are other wonderful attractions to discover in the other islands of Hawaii. A trip to Hawaii will certainly be a memorable vacation filled with great views, fun experiences, great tasting cuisine, rich culture and warm hospitality of the locals. All these plus the magnificent sunset of Hawaii are unforgettable images that you will miss when the summer season ends.

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  1. I love the picture with the Hawaiian Sky over Vienna. What Camera did u use? Or are the colors Photoshoped? It looks like a "Lomo"-Picture.

  2. Hi Tina, I used my iphone and the instagram app...there's a lomo filter there but I think I used another one.