Wiener Prater

by - 8.7.12


That Vienna lags behind other European cities when it comes to attraction and amusement parks is so true. Comparing Vienna to Paris in an earlier post, there is more to do in Paris within this department, Paris has Disneyland Resort to boast. Even Germany has a number of amusement parks on its Turf, Legoland, Playmobil Funpark, Europapark and a lot more. 

Vienna has smaller amusement parks and rides that are not really what you'd go crazy about...but they're nerve-wracking and worth the thrill and screams. 

So we went one Saturday to treat the kids and meet their cousins too. It's almost summer anyway, time to enjoy and have fun after the long, really cold winter past. 

Since I am more of homebuddy and I really have fear of heights and getting dark under the sun, I'd rather play online games like Restaurant City, past time games offered by online bingo sites like or online chess. Not even seeing this smiling sun (below photo) made me change my mind...

Hubby and the kids went on riding bumpcars, bumper boats and other rides. Kids tried motocross and did horseback-riding and went all the way jumping on trampolines...I went about taking photos. Yes, I'm that of a killjoy. 


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  1. Looks really fun! I miss my cousins too. We used to meet up during weekends when I was little.

  2. Amusement parks are FUN and
    kids will definitely enjoy the rides
    and other entertaining activities.

  3. I heard Vienna is such a nice city to be in. Maybe it's provides a goof environment so whether you are in the amusement park or just playing online games, you always feel at home.

  4. I love going to amusement parks. Just looking at those happy faces from everybody makes me feel happy too. Of course, I ride all that i can. haha!

  5. I'm so scared to ride any roller coaster... Haaaaayyyy! Too high!

  6. Amusement parks...oh how I love them even if I am already in my quarter life ^_^