Wagenburg Museum

by - 12.6.12


The Wagenburg is a museum of carriages and vehicles used by the imperial household of the Austrian Empire. It is housed in the grounds of the Schlosses Schönbrunn in the Hietzing district of Vienna and is a department of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Its exhibits include the Imperialwagen. We unfortunately weren't able to get in at the time we visited as it was closed.

Highlights of the exhibition:

the gilded “Imperial Carriage,”
the Golden Carousel Carriage of Maria Theresia,
the Child’s Phaeton of Napoleon’s son,
the Black Hearse of the Viennese court,
the personal Landaulet of Empress Elisabeth and
the only preserved Court Automobile of 1914.

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  1. The building looks too small to have much number of carriages and vehicles. ^_^

  2. Great post, thanks. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Hope you'll get the chance to visit again in this museum. I would d love to see the photos of old carriages.