Cruising and Boating

by - 8.6.12

Sailing at the Danube
Sailing calmly at the Danube.

Two of the things the kids and I planned to do for so many years now is to cruise around the Danube and go boating. The latter we did some time ago. It was a bit cold but we went biking and afterwards boating at Vienna's Old Danube...that's a section of the Danube for boating and surfing. We've cruised too before, but that was...5 years ago. :/

For this summer, we plan to go cruise at the other side of the could be a cruise going to Bratislava, the nearest city from Vienna...I anyway have discount tickets from the city's transportation office for buying the yearly ticket. teehee. However, my daughter's class is going this week too! :D I'd probably just tag along and use my discount ticket!

Anyway, cruising is a really fun experience. A cruise around Spain or along the Italian coast or perhaps a Galapagos Cruise will truly be appreciated. Especially because the kids had watched the movie Nim's Island  and they saw how fun it is to be in such a place. The Spain and Italian trip cruise could not be far off so it's ok to set it later on, but a Galapagos trip, down South America is like a chance one shouldn't let go. Galapagos is a natural paradise, an archipelago full of beautiful scenery being a biological marine reserve, it's a sure-to-go to for those looking for adventure and a grand vacation.

Daughter enjoying the boat ride.

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  1. cruising is fun, I just had a near death experience from my latest sailing adventure though but would love to go back with another sea adventure soon. ;)

  2. i enjoy cruising too... (even in cars.. LOL) it gives you a peace of mind... and can get you into deep thoughts.. which is always nice...

  3. Sailboats is a nice site when complemented by a harbor. Cruising is fun when there is a nice view to see.

  4. We never try cruising hope someday as a family :-) it is nice to see exotic view and experience new places.

  5. What a wonderfully serene place to be.