Rise, Japan...

by - 11.3.11

somewhere there
 the red sun
Japan will rise 
Doko ka ni 
 Akai taiyou Nippon wa 
joushou suru ne


My heart goes out to everyone in Japan. Tears fall when I think of the damage that the catastrophe brought.  I got friends and a relative in Japan. I have often written my fondness to them...(two posts below you will read about the Japanese store I frequent)

Japan's chief Cabinet secretary Yukio Edano has said as official Kyodo news agency reported, that an "extremely large number of people'' had been killed. :(

The earthquake struck 80 miles offshore at 2.46 p.m. Friday Japan time.

The most immediate concern was the safety of the nation's nuclear plants. Some 3,000 people living near a nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture, north of Tokyo, were evacuated because of a reactor cooling malfunction, but the government cleared that no radiation was leaking. Authorities had turned off 11 power plants and 4 million people were reported to be without electricity...or gas for that matter. There was also a burning oil refinery as told by a friend...

During our visit at the International Atomic Energy Agency Office, we saw these Japanese miniature spaceships along with a number of replicated machines and space crafts from other countries.


Also posted for photo hunt's Machine theme.

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  1. G, do you remember that Tom who blogs from Sendai (the most devastated part of Japan) had contributed to Drive By shots? I left a msg on his blog asking if he's okay.

    We caught the news on the 11 pm news here and that devastation was on our minds as we went to bed last night.

  2. Hi M. yes, I checked on his Sendai blog and left him a message too (he's American btw). His last post was at 6am and no other comments has been published.

    Two other bloggers (snowhite - from Nara and Y.Ikeda) are ok...It was around 8am here when it happened...I still cry when I think of it. If you must know, I was exactly 10-years-old during the July 16, 1990 earthquake! Earthquakes shake my nerves :(

  3. it's so devastating to hear about the huge earthquake and tsunami in Japan. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by this disaster.

    those are some cool looking machines.

  4. It is terrible what has happened in Japan. I love the shots of the flags and of the miniature spaceships.

  5. Great shot and thoughts. The earthquake is another reminder, I guess, that no matter how sophisiticated our machines may be they are still no match for the power of nature . . .

    Have a good weekend.

  6. Exactly my thoughts JDeQ...nature is something else...

  7. Sorry for what happened to Japan. Nice shot for the theme. Happy hunting.

  8. Nice post about Japan. Such a tragedy!

    I like your miniature machine.

  9. We have been watching the news coverage from Japan too - terrible damage and loss of life! The Japanese have produced some magnificent machines, as your last photo shows!

  10. a great post, G. the devastation in Sendai and nearby areas is staggering. but the Japanese are strong people, i'm sure they will rise above this tragedy.

  11. Saddened by Japan.

    Excellent shot of a machine which is a step on our way to predicting these disasters.

  12. I pray for Japan.