Viennese Ice dream 2011

by - 7.2.11

It's ice skating season once again...

Every year, the Town Hall grounds has been transformed into an ice skating rink opened for enthusiasts as early as 9am up until the evening...a briliant display of lights (no, I don't think they're wasting energy at all -sarcastic-) is part of the show. (Click here to view 2008's Eistraum and here to know more about the Gothic Townhall.)

We were out last Friday to tour a friend from Japan who came to Vienna to research about the educational system provided by the city for the handicapped. We ended up walking by the town hall and other buildings in the area...I do hope I'll get the time to show all of the shots.

Earlier that day, I was able to see Michael Knight himself....aka  "the Hoff" on his way to an autograph hour with fans. :)

Who would have thought Knight Rider is almost 60? ;)

 Join us...

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  1. Hard to believe he's that old, but good to know that getting old isn't restricted to us non-famous ones! He's still a great looking guy! Love your captures! Looks cold, but beautiful! Enjoy your week! Stay warm!


  2. How lovely your skating rink at the Town Hall looks - glistening under the lights Oh! and how unexpected to see "The Hoff" he's really very handsome!!

  3. It may seem like a waste of electricity, but it really is beautiful and draws people outside and makes them happy. I certainly feel happy looking at this photo.

  4. it looks magical...really beautiful! Gee, I've grown up with his show..he still looks so good.

  5. I find it very hard to believe the "Knight Rider" is that old. Magical shots of the evening ice skating.

  6. He's beginning to not look like himself he's had so much surgery. That ice skating rink is gorgeous!

  7. Hey, Knight Rider and Kitt, those were days!

    He does not look 60!

  8. Oh, the Hoff is looking good!

    As is that lovely ice skating rink.

  9. I think he is almost more famous as a singer in the German speaking countries than in the USA !
    I love watching ice skating but never did it myself !

  10. You are so lucky to see Hoff, who saved the world, in person!!!
    Great post and I hope that the visitor from Japan could acquire many things in your city.
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.
    Yoshi from Japan.

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  12. That's one fantastic spot to go ice-skating! Wow!
    So, Dave was in town..... lucky capture!

  13. I sincerely hope you did not hassle the 'hoff!

    I would always think of him as Knight Rider. I didn't watch Baywatch :( at all.

  14. I miss ice skating! Wala ng malapit dito na skating rink. SM Megamall removed it's skating rink, sa SM Mall of Asia na lang meron. :( Knight Rider who? I only know him from Baywatch. hahaha!

  15. wow! david hasselhof! I loved him in baywatch!