Schönbrunn Palace in Winter

by - 14.2.11

Well, not the winter winter but a blue-skied winter. :) It is still however obvious that there are no plants around...

The view is the back of the Schönbrunn Palace, restoration is finished...Which was not really necessary IMHO, since the palace look grand and all with how it was before the colors were restored.

Below, two of my fellow Silanguenos (a small town in the Philippines) chatting with each other about life. A small world for us all because we met here in this beautiful city without knowing much about each other.

Tito C was a classmate of an aunt and eventually the father-in-law of a friend. Kuya (an honorific to denote older brother) OB was three years my senior in highschool but he is actually only a year older than I. (He started early in school and was accelerated a year ahead). He is now based in Osaka, Japan but is in Vienna for a research program. We all had our humble beginnings and here we are, grateful for the chance to see the grandeur of the City of renowned musicians...

 Join us...

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  1. Ja, das ist aber sehr schön!
    Ja, dat is erg mooi!
    You are a linguist! German and Dutch are related although many German people think that we, the Dutch, speak a German dialect. This is a misunderstanding. In our language there are a lot of French words too.
    Ik vind het erg knap dat je Nederlands kan lezen.
    I think it very clever that you can read Dutch.

  2. Marvelous post, terrific captures and such a wonderful look at your world! And lovely skies! A perfect backdrop for beautiful Schönbrunn Palace! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  3. It's always nice to welcome our "homies" and show them our new home city.

  4. The world can seem so small when you meet people from you home town in such a faraway place. :)

  5. That's a beautiful palace. Fun to meet up with people from home.

  6. What a magnificent building. Love that buttercup yellow against the blue sky.

  7. Such a great thing to happen. Meeting "familiar" people in a new hometown.

    I hope you can visit me here


  8. sometimes, winter really takes out the beauty of a wonderful sight. :(