Travelling with babies

by - 2.6.09

I remember my first flight with mydaughter, she was 15 months old then. It was not a very good experience considering that I do not have a stroller to use in the connecting airport because I simply thought the airline will provide one, and it was Charles de Gaulle...the biggest airport I've been to. Reason why when we travel nowadays, I see to it that we bring a foldable one.

It is really good to learn from experiences when travelling with babies and even better if there is one stop shop for all the needs when travelling with babies. is exactly that and more! A boutique for diaper bags, strollers, carriers and safet gadgets can be bought at discounted prices. There are tips targeted for the age bracket of children...for infants, crawlers and toddlers too!

The baby blog is an open blog for all mommies or daddys to share their experiences with baby travel. There's a contest too of the best photos and travel stories! But what I like most about the site is their feature and recommendation of hotels written by moms and dads like us. From there booking your next vacation with the kids or your baby is possible too!

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