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by - 6.6.09

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amidst the scare about swine flu and all those hulabaloo, Cancun, Mexico remains one of the more beautiful places to visit, especially in the summer months. As it is a coastal city the temperature is warm and tropical, moderated by the marine breezes created by onshore trade-winds, which circulates through its avenues.

As in other countries, there are Cancun airport car rentals, which you can easily rent cars from the moment you arrive in Cancun.

Cancun is not so big and is quite easy to navigate. To the South is the airport, to the North is the city and in between on the stretch of land between the sea and the Nichupte lagoon are all the hotels, beaches and bars, referred to as the hotel zone or Zona Hotelera. Downtown is where most residents live and it stretches in on the mainland behind the lagoon. Though this is the case, one can always inquire for a Cancun car hire service.

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