Lindt Chocolate Boutique (inside)

by - 29.4.24

The interior of the Lindt Chocolate Boutique is  tastefully designed, with displays showcasing an array of Lindt's finest chocolate creations. From classic milk chocolate bars to intricately crafted truffles and seasonal specialties, there's something for every palate.

The aroma of rich cocoa permeates the air, drawing visitors in to explore the tempting assortment of confections on offer. Shelves and counters are adorned with beautifully packaged chocolates, inviting one to indulge in a sensory experience that goes beyond taste alone.

There's also the Lindt chocolate gelatos to try!

The store staff are  knowledgeable and passionate about Lindt's products, ready to assist visitors in finding the perfect chocolate treat or offering recommendations based on individual preferences. Whether you're seeking a souvenir to remember your visit to Schönbrunn Palace or simply craving a decadent indulgence, the Lindt Store is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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